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When designing kids’ shoes and baby-proofing devices we always keep in mind toddlers taking their first steps. We make observations, talk to parents so as to know their expectations. Thanks to that our products are ideal for babies taking their first steps: standing by furniture, holding up chairs or sofas, and often landing down on their bottom...
AFELO toddler shoes are soft, comfortable and provide appropriate fit necessary for development of small feet. They are completely unlike stiff and heavy shoes often found on the market which do not provide assistance in those first steps, but even make them difficult. Your baby will feel like wearing a plaster cast, having problems with coordination while muscles are not yet fully developed.

As a parent you are perfectly aware of how important it is to put your baby’s shoes on easily. How many times your baby protested against putting shoes on, fidgeted and struggled its way to freedom? How many times it became impossible to put shoes on your baby’s tiny feet? Forget such problems when you get AFELO shoes. Our toddler shoes provide ankle support by means of an elastic band which ensures that your baby’s shoes are put on/off quickly and easily and perfectly fit tiny feet. It is also important that our shoes do not have any fasteners or other elements that might catch on something or might cause your baby falling.
Your child’s safety is of utmost importance for you as a parent. You become anxious each time your baby wobbles and tumbles on to his bottom or takes a step next to a table edge. You wish to make sure that your baby explores the world with joy only and is encouraged to further discoveries. And you strive to do everything so as to ensure that. We understand your needs perfectly and we have developed a range of AFELO child-proof devices, such as corner and edge bumpers or door slam stoppers. Thanks to that you can baby-proof your home and surrounding areas.
It is extremely important to stimulate your child’s development. What are the ways to improve your baby’s balance, encourage imagination or motivate to act? The answer is: by appropriate selection of toys. Toys for the youngest should be safe, durable and should help to develop imagination. In addition, lively and happy colours as well as interesting shapes would inspire and encourage playing. We have combined all those aspects in AFELO products. Our colourful and durable toys will accompany your baby during games and activities developing his imagination, both indoor and outdoor. AFELO colourful toys will always make your baby smile.
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