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Baby’s skin is very delicate – it is thinner than skin of an adult and thus more vulnerable to infections, irritation and abrasion. The time you baby makes the first steps is extremely important. Small feet becomes flexible, fat pads in the arch area won't be so noticeable, muscles and ligaments will strengthen.

That is why baby’s feet need best quality shoes. Such as ALEFO toddler shoes which are not only lovely but also functional meeting the highest standards.
Firstly, the material.

Our toddler shoes are made of natural breathable and highly absorptive leather which moulds to foot shape. Thanks to that baby’s feet do not perspire and remain less vulnerable to abrasion. The leather of our products ensures durability of shoes.
Secondly, flexible sole made of chamois-leather.

Thanks to that our shoes are light-weight and the small foot receives plenty of natural impulses. It is worth remembering that heavy, stiff and coarse shoes do not provide appropriate walking conditions for the feet and may lead to improper development.
Thirdly, comfort..

Comfort is extremely important for babies. AFELO shoes are wide at the toe to provide enough room for baby’s tiny toes while the effective fastener in a form of an elastic band makes them fit perfectly to the shape of the foot and does not limit its upward movements.
Fourthly, appearance.

AFELO toddler shoes are colourful, decorated and handmade with the utmost care to the very last detail making them not only durable but also fashionable.
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