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Imagine there are toddler shoes which can be easily put on and enjoyed by your baby either walking or running. Imagine your baby moving safely in a space without dangerous edges, traps, or hard furniture. Imagine toys that make any free time – in bath, in a sandpit, or at home – not only a moment of pleasure but also a time of development and exploring the world.

This is how AFELO world looks like. We design and manufacture things that make the first years of your child extraordinary.

Having in mid small and delicate feet we have created leather shoes that will provide your toddler with enough room for his tiny toes, appropriate development, comfort and safety, as well as joy of walking.

With AFELO products we also help to make every place at home friendly and safe for your baby. Our baby-proofing devices are designed based on our own experiences as well as on experiences of other parents and observation of kids themselves. Owing to that we are able to anticipate every single step that they take and eliminate any barriers.
The world of AFELO is safe, colourful and creative. Choose among selection of toys developing creativity and helping to discover the world.
Every newbie parent knows perfectly well that outing to shops with your baby might be difficult. Kids are impatient, do not like to stay in one place for a long time, some may be afraid of strangers, cry and become needlessly irritated. For comfort of parents and babies we have developed an intuitive and safe on-line shop where you can choose ideal shoes for your kid.
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